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What is KeraLase, and Why Is It Better in The Case of Hair Restoration?


The KeraLase treatment can help if your hair is getting thinner. If you think you’re not getting the right ‘glam’ because of hormone changes, KeraLase can help.

We at The Skin Clinic know your appearance’s importance to your sense of self-worth, so contact us today to learn more about this innovative non-surgical solution.

Kerala is a non-surgical treatment that helps people who need their hair to grow immediately. Look at this post and see how we can help you get the best treatment for your hair concern.

All About KeraLase

KeraLase is a hair restoration system that combines the best ways to make hair thicker, fuller, and firmer. The KeraLase treatments start with a quick laser treatment; then, the KeraLase growth factor serum is put on the skin.

KeraLase is suitable for thinning hair because:

  • No needles
  • Non-invasive: No need to draw blood
  • Quick and Effective
  • People of all skin tones and hair colors can use it.
  • Comfortable
  • Not at all painful
  • Non-surgical treatments and drugs
  • Long-lasting
  • Most people only need a few maintenance sessions each year.
  • Great for men and women of all races and backgrounds.

People who don’t want to feel like they’re having a procedure can get a quick and easy hair growth treatment in Kerala. Again, you can grow hair without surgery or painkillers.

Who’s The Best Candidate For KeraLase?

KeraLase could help anyone who wants to stop their hair from getting thinner or falling out. It is made to make hair grow faster and refresh the scalp. With a series of treatments spaced one month apart, your scalp health and hair growth are likely to improve.

For the best results, the KeraLase in-office treatment should be done once every two weeks. There should be at least three months between each of the six treatments.

Some people see the treatment results immediately, but most show up gradually over 3–5 treatments.

Is KeraLase Only For Men?

KeraLase is a treatment for men and women of any age who are losing hair or having their hair thin out. You can also help people who have already had a hair transplant.

By rubbing growth factors and proteins directly into the scalp, hair follicles that are already there and those that have been transplanted take in the serum and get stronger over time.

KeraLase speeds up natural hair growth, which means that your hair and scalp will improve over time.

What To Expect?

For the best results, you should come to your treatment with a clean scalp free of styling products like hairspray, mousse, gel, or dry shampoo.

During the treatment, the LaseMD Ultra laser is put on your scalp. This opens tiny channels in the scalp that let the serum be placed on the treated area. The treatment usually doesn’t hurt and only takes about 10 minutes.

Why is KeraLase Better Than Others?

Unlike PRP, another popular hair loss treatment, no blood must be drawn or injected into the treatment area. This means that KeraLase treatments are quick, effective, and don’t hurt.

With KeraLase, results are more predictable than with PRP, and taking aspirin does not change the results.

After treatment, you can go back to your everyday life right away. We ask that you don’t swim or wash your hair for 24 hours after the treatment.

This gives the serum time to get into the channels in the scalp. You can wear a hat or something else to cover your hair right after treatment if you want to.

The KeraFactor Effect

KeraFactor has very high growth hormones and proteins that help hair grow and work on all four stages of the hair’s life cycle. Kerafactor is covered with nano-liposomes that make it easier to absorb and help growth hormones get to the hair follicles more quickly.

There are thousands of each type of growth factor in each nano-liposome. Platelets have different amounts of growth factors, which depend on the person’s genes and health. Platelets also have “growth factors” that stop hair from growing.

Kerafactor doesn’t need a blood draw, and it doesn’t need to be injected into the scalp more than once. Even with painkillers, injections can still be painful and cause bruises or hematomas.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

Most patients get KeraLase treatments every two weeks for the best results for six sessions. After that, they get two to three follow-up treatments annually to keep the results.

Still, remember that results may be different for each person. The Skin Clinic team will evaluate your needs and work with you to determine the best treatment plan for your needs and desired results.

After your first six sessions, we suggest setting up a follow-up evaluation to determine a maintenance plan. Even though results aren’t always guaranteed, most people do better with maintenance treatments every three months after the first six sessions.

Seeing The Results

As we say above, four to six weeks after the first KeraLase treatment, the health of the scalp and the growth of hair start to get better.

Because KeraLase makes hair grow by stimulating it, the look of a person’s hair keeps improving for 12 to 18 months after the first series of treatments and regular maintenance.

Want to know more about how KeraLase can help restore hair? You can make an appointment with us here at the Skin Clinic online or by calling 832-564-0344. Check out our other services, which can help you with your goals.

We have our Neuromodulators, Dermal Fillers, and other Skin Treatments to enjoy! We hope to see you around here in our clinic.

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