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Our hair is the only part of our bodies that we have complete control over regarding our appearance. For instance, depending on how we feel, we can dress formally or casually to demonstrate our sense of style, attract attention to ourselves, or portray a unique persona. So we start to worry whenever hair fall, thinning, and hair splits frequently happen and don’t grow back as much as they used to. 


It is a well-known and unfortunate fact that almost all of us will experience hair loss at some point in our lives. Although hair loss is more commonly associated with men, women are not exempt from this problem. Studies have shown that we lose between 50 and 100 strands of hair every day, but this is a relatively insignificant amount compared to the total amount of hair we have. But when they don’t grow back, we start to get concerned.


Many treatments on the market today claim that they can effectively treat hair loss; however, the majority of these treatments are quite ineffective. The good news is that not all of them are ineffective, which is why our clinic offers advanced hair restoration services to help you deal with hair loss and even rejuvenate your existing hair to its roots.


Suppose you live in Houston, Texas, and are interested in receiving the most effective and advanced hair restoration treatment available. In that case, you should read the entire article to understand how this treatment can benefit you.


What Is Advanced Hair Restoration Treatment?

Our clinic’s advanced hair restoration treatment uses platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) to prevent further hair loss, stimulate new hair growth, and fortify your existing hair, making it denser, silkier, and softer. 


Platelet-rich fibrin, also known as PRF, is a treatment that can help assist in the acceleration of the healing processes that are taking place in various areas of your body. The PRF services we offer at our clinic are designed to assist your body in increasing its production of proteins, which both aid in the healing process and contribute to hair growth. While we offer it as an advanced hair restoration method, PRF has many more practical applications in the medical field.  


The PRF hair restoration treatment may be unfamiliar to your ears, but it’s nothing new in medicine. In fact, it’s pretty common. Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) is the fundamental idea behind the treatment known as platelet-rich fibrin, which entails removing a small amount of blood from your arm, spinning the blood at a high rate of speed to separate the blood into fibrin and platelets, and then injecting the enriched platelets into any part of the body that requires healing.


So how exactly does PRF help the hair to grow back? We must understand the function of your body’s platelets and fibrin to understand how the treatments work comprehensively.


How Your Platelets With Fibrin Contribute To Hair Restoration

When your body sustains injuries such as cuts or bleeding, an insoluble protein called fibrin is rapidly produced to help stop the bleeding and the spread of infection. These are dependable proteins, reliable enough to arrange themselves in a long continuous chain structure.


A different type of soluble protein known as fibrinogen is necessary to produce fibrin. Although fibrinogen can be found in the blood, it is made in the liver. Like a net, the continuous fibrin chain structure will capture and entangle the platelets in a fashion similar to that of a catch. Platelets are the smallest cells in the body and are made up of fragments of larger partitions produced in the bone marrow. Platelets are colorless.


Platelets perform a continuous patrol throughout your bloodstream, and if they detect any damage, they will move in the direction of it. When this happens, fibrin is produced. When there is a wound, fibrin also reacts by forming chains in response to the injury. When these chains get to the base, they attach themselves to the damage and catch the platelets, resulting in blood clots forming.


The cells contain healing properties, which aid in mending the wounds, which we can also use to restore your hair’s rejuvenated state. 


How We Get PRF

Platelets and fibrin, rich in healing factors, can be found in the bloodstream. You will need to use a centrifuge and an injection to separate the components from the blood.


First things first, we’ll need to get some blood from you. For the time being, we will only collect enough to fill one vial; however, if the circumstances require it, we may increase that amount. After that, the blood vial will be centrifuged to separate the platelets and fibrin from the rest of the blood components. 


The total time needed to complete the spin will be close to ten minutes. When the process is finished, the differences between the plasma, the red blood cells, and the white blood cells can clearly be seen. We only require the platelets and fibrin; the rest are not needed. 


Once we have the PRF concentrate, we simply inject it into your scalp to promote healing and hair rejuvenation. It’s that simple! 


Side Effects

Clients have not reported any adverse side effects. Because the treatment is performed with your own blood, your body will not be able to reject these cells. 


The anesthetics and needles are the only factors that can cause side effects on you. The injections can cause swelling, bleeding, bruising, redness, and itchiness. It’s easy to avoid these side effects by picking the right provider. As for aesthetics, it will only affect those who have allergies to it, so let us know if you have one before doing the procedure on your scalp. 



The use of PRF is not a one-and-done kind of treatment. In the following weeks, you’ll need to receive additional injections. You will be instructed to replicate these steps throughout the next few months.


All of the hassles are, however, well worth it. As your hair begins to grow back, you’ll start to notice a difference in the density and thickness of your hair. This change will become increasingly apparent as your hair continues to grow. The hair that was starting to recede will grow back! 



The advanced hair restoration treatment we offer here in Houston, Texas, will save you from the worry of experiencing thin or even balding hair. In just a few injections, all your hair worries are no more! If you like to partake in the treatment, contact and visit our clinic, The Skin Clinic. Our clinic also offers diverse medical clinic services that can help address other aging or aesthetic concerns you may have. 

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