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What Is The Most Efficient Acne Scar Treatment?

Acnes can be embarrassing and hard to deal with, but the scars that acne leaves behind are even worse. Acne scars can be frustrating for many people, and they want to get rid of them as soon as possible. Many people are willing to try anything that claims it can help with acne scars, but these products are rarely effective. If you want an effective and permanent solution, you need to try acne scar treatments

Many skincare products are specifically made to deal with acne. They are available on the market in various forms, including creams, lotions, gels, and solutions. These medications work by reducing inflammation and killing bacteria.

However, acne treatments do not treat the scars left behind by acne. To reduce these scars, you will need to use a different treatment. You need a treatment that can go deep into the skin to remove the acne scars effectively. 

Why Do Acne Scars Happen? 

Acne scars happen when the skin is damaged, and the skin cells are replaced with a different type of cell.

The skin cells can be damaged in two ways: through inflammation or trauma. When inflamed skin, it becomes more sensitive to injury, and acne scars are more likely to form. Trauma can also cause acne scars. For example, if you cut on your face and get infected, the skin will heal, but it won’t look like your original skin.

Acne scars happen when the skin is damaged, and the cells are replaced with a different cell type. The most common types of acne scarring are icepick scars, boxcar scars, rolling scars, and hypertrophic or keloid scarring.

Acne Scar Treatments

Acne scars can be a persistent and frustrating problem. Even after successfully treating your acne, the scars it left behind may still be visible.

There are many ways to treat acne scars, but most take a long time to show results. Fortunately, you can try any one of the acne scar treatments below to solve your acne scar issues permanently. Plus, their effects are faster and more effective than any skincare product you can find on shelves. 

Here are some treatments you can use to treat your acne scars. 


Microneedling is the process of creating tiny punctures in the skin with a device that has rows of tiny needles.

It is a minimally invasive procedure that creates micro-injuries in the skin, stimulating new collagen and elastin production. It effectively improves the appearance of scars, stretch marks, fine lines, and wrinkles.

The main benefits of microneedling are its ability to stimulate new collagen production and improve the appearance of scars. The procedure is also relatively inexpensive compared to other laser resurfacing or dermabrasion methods.

A dermatologist or other skin specialist usually performs the procedure. 

Needles Size

The needles are usually between 0.5mm and 2mm long, but some devices have longer needles that can reach up to 3mm in length. The depth of the needle penetration varies depending on your desired outcome, but it typically ranges from 1-3 millimeters deep into the skin’s surface. 

Although needles may seem scary, your provider will apply some topical anesthetic or numbing creams to ensure that it occurs painlessly and that there is no discomfort. 

Microneedling With Sculptra

Next on our list is still microneedling, but with the bonus of Sculptra’s features. 

Sculptra is an injectable filler that the FDA originally approved in 2002. It is made of poly-L-lactic acid, a synthetic polymer used to improve the appearance of wrinkles and folds on the face.

The active ingredient in Sculptra, poly-L-lactic acid, stimulates your body’s natural collagen production process. This helps fill out wrinkles and folds on your face for a more youthful appearance.

Why The Combination? 

You may wonder, so why are we combining the effects of dermal fillers and microneedling? 

Acne scars permanent damage across your skin. They create creases in the skin, so we fill them with dermal filler to even out skin texture. Acne scars are like potholes, and so filling it up should even the road. 

Microneedling With PRF

A platelet-rich fibrin treatment is a therapy that is used to treat chronic wounds. It has been used in the medical field for over a decade and has proven to be an effective treatment.

The procedure starts with injecting the patient’s own blood, which is then spun in a centrifuge to isolate the platelets. The platelets are then mixed with thrombin, which activates them and turns them into fibrin. The activated platelets are then applied to the wound and covered with a bandage or dressing.

How Is It Effective Against Acne Scars? 

Platelet-rich fibrin treatment has been used to fix acne scars for quite a while now. The platelets in the blood clot are rich with growth factors, proteins that help heal wounds and stimulate skin cells to grow.

The treatment stimulates tissue and collagen growth in the skin, which leads to a more natural-looking skin tone and texture. PRFT treatment is not invasive surgery, so there are no risks or side effects associated with it. Your provider will be using your own blood, so there shouldn’t be complications. 

Microneedling With Radiofrequency 

Microneedling with radiofrequency is a skin treatment used to treat wrinkles and scars.

It is also known as Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT), Radio Frequency Microneedling, or Radiofrequency-Assisted Micropunch Dermal Ablation (RFMA).

Microneedling with radiofrequency works by creating a series of slight injuries on the skin. These injuries are made by rolling a thin, hand-held device called an applicator across the skin’s surface. The device contains a tiny needle that moves back and forth under the handpiece to create controlled punctures in the skin.

Innovation in Microneedling

Microneedling tools come in various shapes and sizes. One of its popular shapes is the roller, which has many tiny needles on its surface instead of just one long needle. 

However, the newer versions of microneedling have been added with radiofrequency (RF) technology that helps to tighten up the skin. RF microneedling technique is more effective than microneedling alone because it works better on deeper wrinkles and scars and makes the skin look more youthful. 


The process of removing acne scars is now easier than ever. You have so many options to choose from, and all of them bring permanent and effective results. However, there are certain treatments specific for certain acne scars. To know which ones are the best for your situation, make sure to contact our clinicThe Skin Clinic. We offer services that tailor to your cosmetic goals and needs. 

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