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Does Fat Comeback After Kybella?

A double chin is an accumulation of fat under your chin that gives you an aged appearance. People used to opt for lasers or surgical procedures, and while the results are satisfactory, they are pretty expensive, and recovery takes a long while. That’s why more and more are opting for Kybella

While other non-invasive methods can supposedly reduce fat, they are barely adequate. However, an innovative injectable called Kybella works as a natural fat cell absorption process. You could reap the benefits of Kybella without a laser or surgical procedure if you choose an expert aesthetic center.

What Is Kybella?

Kybella is a non-invasive injectable, purely aesthetic treatment that claims to reduce fat in the chin, neck, and jawline. Its main ingredient is deoxycholic acid, which is found in your stomach. Its procedure is simple, taking only 10 minutes or less depending on the number of injections and sites to be addressed.

Aestheticians typically prescribe Kybella to treat moderate to extreme fat deposits in the submental fat layer located on the neck and chin.

Non-Invasive And FDA-Approved

Back then, liposuction and other surgical procedures were the only options for removing fat from the body. Thanks to Kybella, however, you won’t have to, and the treatment consists only of direct injections that last only a few minutes each. In addition, these injections do not cause any discomfort.

You won’t need to be concerned about its safety because the FDA approved the treatment in November of 2015. Kybella is primarily used to treat double chins, which is why most medical clinics now offer it at a price affordable to patients. Plus, the treatment doesn’t require too much downtime like a surgical procedure, enabling you to go back to your daily schedule uninterrupted. 

Do you need to get rid of fat lumps? You get to decide which part of your body needs to be worked on, and your provider will see to it that it gets done.

Who Is The Right Candidate For Kybella?

It is essential to discuss the Kybella treatment with your physician in advance. Not only will this help ensure that you are a good candidate for the treatment, but it will also ensure that the treatment is carried out correctly. You will need to discuss your entire medical history, including any other procedures that may have been performed on your face, neck, or chin area. 

Discuss any previous experiences you’ve had with bleeding with your aesthetic specialist so that they can better prepare for the procedure. This process does not involve surgery, requiring very little preparation. You will, however, need to schedule this well in advance of any significant events.

Talk to your aesthetic specialist about all the medications you are currently taking, whether they are prescribed, over-the-counter, or any other kind of supplement. This includes vitamins and minerals. Also, let your provider know if you are currently taking medications that prevent blood from clotting or pain relievers such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen-containing bruising after treatment. Likewise, let them know if you are breastfeeding, pregnant, or planning to conceive shortly.

As a side note, you should be aware that using Kybella is typically only advised when your weight is constant. If you continue to put on weight, you won’t see any results from using Kybella to treat fat lumps. Have a conversation with your healthcare provider to determine whether or not you are eligible to receive the treatment.

How It Works

The deoxycholic acid utilized in the Kybella treatment successfully melts the fat lumps located in the submental region. But how did they come up with this one-of-a-kind component? Actually, the acid itself is not anything new; instead, what is novel is how researchers use it in a manner that makes it possible to use it in a way that is risk-free for the submental fat area.

How Deoxycholic Acid Works

Deoxycholic acid is produced by the liver and stored in the gallbladder. This acid is required by your body to break down lipids, which are fat proteins present in foods. The acid also helps to regulate cholesterol levels in your body by transporting excess cholesterol from the blood into the intestine to be excreted as waste.

After learning about the properties of deoxycholic acid, medical experts investigated how it can be used safely on your skin’s submental fat areas. They soon developed approaches that were deemed safe, and they were even able to create a synthetic version of deoxycholic acid. Because of their endeavors, your provider can use the acid to target points beneath the skin to target fat cells while causing no harm to other cells.

However, the acid cannot dissolve all of the fat, as evidenced by the fact that we still gain weight when we overeat.

Natural Acid

Deoxycholic acid occurs naturally in our bodies, and it is particularly abundant in your stomach, where it is busy melting lipids. So, after ingesting this acid, your body should not respond negatively to it. Your immune system will not be hostile and will not overreact, avoiding reducing the acid’s effects.

Since the acid is naturally occurring in our bodies, you are unlikely to experience allergic reactions or complications due to the acid reactions.

The action of melting fat is very similar to what happens in your stomach. The acid, on the other hand, will take time to dissolve and break down fat cells. When compared to surgical procedures, the results are not as immediate.

Does Fat Comeback After Kybella?

Deoxycholic acid produces long-term results because destroyed fat cells do not regenerate. Kybella is exceptionally effective at removing fat cells from deep within the skin. It will not, however, completely eradicate every fat cell. Even if you continue gaining fat after the Kybella injections, the fat will be redistributed to other body parts.

Nonetheless, this is not medically obvious because the volume of fat dissolved in the submental area is small compared to other parts. As a result, following a Kybella procedure, a person must focus on maintaining a healthy regimen of good diet and exercise routines to maintain their overall body weight. This will ensure that fat accumulation is kept to a minimum throughout the body.


Once you try out Kybella, you can forever say goodbye to double chin and other fat lumps! If you are interested, contact us and drop by our clinic, The Skin Clinic. We offer services to help our clients address concerns or their aesthetic goals.

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